Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Is In the Air!

Hello readers!

As some of you may know, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. But why express your love only one day of the year? Why not express it for an entire month? That's right, February is Love Your Library Month!

We here at the library are proud to announce Love Your Library Month! Running from February 1st-29th (it's a leap year; did you know?), we will be marking the month-long occasion will all sorts of contests, prizes, decorations, and activities. What's more, is that we would like you to help us celebrate!

Stop in anytime this month and let us know why you love your library by filling out a heart with the reason(s) you love your local library. Afterward, we will be posting them as decoration. Here are what some of your fellow patrons have already said:

-"I like playing with Legos and meeting new friends!"
-"Extra friendly staff who are so thoughtful to everyone's needs! Thank you!"
-"My library is a place of very friendly people and has both old and 
news books, along with the latest DVD's and music. Love them!"
-"I love to read and pick out new books!"

The library is also celebrating by hosting several activities and contests. Open to all, the contests include "Spot the Hidden Cupids" in which patrons must find and count all of the cupid silhouettes hidden throughout the library to win a prize, as well as a random drawing in which the lucky winner receives a decadent box of chocolates! 

So why do you love your library? Is it the books, music, and movies? The programs and activities? The friendly staff? Let us know by stopping in today!

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